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About us

Green Property Acquisitions, LLC was founded with a mission to acquire and to rehab neglected properties in developing neighborhoods. In the past couple of years, the company has successfully acquired multiple apartment buildings and occupied them with tenants that requested some kind of subsidy.


Green Property Acquisitions, LLC has a mission to support local community and grow them to be stronger by employing minorities from local community, so they will feel part of company’s mission to make a differ- ence in improving the neighborhoods.



Green Property Acquisitions LLC is strongly standing behind

its name. It is using green friendly materials during the construction process that would make an impact on the en- vironment and the health of the tenants.

Why us?

We are always seeking to provide excellent service to our tenants. We work closely with tenants in bringing the value in thier housing. Everyday, we are making an impact on local community.


  • Equal housing

  • Section 8 welcome

  • Green products

  • High Efficiency

  • Quick response



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